Friday, February 3, 2012

Circle of fire

At the edge of almost every corner, today
cold water have become rare
in every single day human passes
boiling points have become easier to fare

Through decades of the discovery
particularly as the industrialisation begins
the roaring machines keep running out cooling systems
though innovations keep growing

Worms, ants, rats, and their underground fellows
emerge from beneath making crowds on the surface
they get annoyed as the earth is trembling
another crack another hole on another day

The heating electrifies the tools
and the tools dive closer and closer to the fire center
up and below collied noisily in a stressful manner
side to side bang each other in equal decibels

The crowds and the noises
the spoils of earth-born matters are the irony
cause their homes grieve in agony
again, in a stressful manner
when the heat becomes easier to be

(Semarang, February 3rd, 2012)