Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Every side court had its master
Unlike the other day
Hundreds cheers echoed fairly
Never before to be seen so nice

Plenty footprints applied the ground
Another time it looked so smooth

Silence became quite fragile
Like glass-made pot vulnerable
Choirs of the calling shouts
To leave all debts just for a while

The Chant of the Hope

I saw eagle flying free
In the opening of the day
I heard thunder following 
Like crash of supersonic plane

Burried minds after the storm
Sun mounting between the peaks
The orange shadowed the eagle
Crafting a picture of the greatest art

Shall the eagle fly higher?
Will this be longer as being dreamed?
All answers up to the rolling wheel
Across the harmony of the wild nature


Though torny road hurts feet so deep
Turning skins into bleeding creeps
Breaking toes into branches
There lies a host of hidden hints

Should a crossbow expand it darts
Piercing flesh and through the bone
Bruising muscles making you crawl
There comes a bulk of strong desire

Stand stilll and standing strong
Speak up your mind though words speechless
It never be forever storm
Like never be endless happiness

Two Candles

I see spotlight in a solitary room
Room where most spaces invisible
Two lights carry on against the wind
Hand-in-hand as far they can

I grab the door raise them both
But like hell my legs stumble by the block
As my body collides with hostile floor
Eyes get harder to even see

It is wrong that me the candles need
To protect them fighting the wind
It is me who is in need
To defend me against the blind

Feel The Beat

When drum begins to break
You feel lonely goes how smoothly 
Clapping hands keep you a reality
That love remains over the broken one

When every song releases it rhyme
You do something for emptiness
Tapping gance brings you get wild
Though nick of time be the moment

Let the soul fly through the sky
Let it guide you to heaven
And back to earth and forth again
The true color reveals as did

Call the angles like nobody's alone
As the grass and stone will pray for you
In the middle of solitude
You're the one who cherishes

Little Child

Ran barenaked feet the river bank
He knew no fear around the wild
Beast kept an eye behind the bush
Couple feet nothing but kept the marching

Tiny little child challenged the day
Like somebody ran out his time
As the child had wide open chances
It seemed weird seeing him through

Stone and River

Bell from distance tolled twice after mid-day
For that so long here place to lay
Sun leaving its highest point
Creating slope around the joint

Here's afternoon but felt so cold
Long hot summer but snow still fell
There's big light but dark too bold
The blue up there be prey of hell

Call For Answer

I'm hurt to see you crying
And wounded to know you crawling
I'm hurt to know you dying
And broken to know you dying

You pronounce things I play the things
You deny some things I'm against the things
It's wonderful you throw a smile
It's painful to see you sad

As simply spot of universe
Me doesn't rule to ask for verse
Is truly you think what I'm to?
Will it be you go what I do?

Final Moment

Weakened hands to weak to raise a sword
Just before me here stood a foe
My throat was stucked to praise the cord
Beyond the back they stretched crossbow

It was hard when you're dying
Angel-of-death realeased a threat
Much closer to the edge of standing
While hope nothing but life to spread

I's insisting well yes I am
For mercy that I's powerless
I's telling to all I am
For last time I sensed my flesh


If it should go
Then go further
If it should come
Then come closer

Nothing best when bigger rests
Nothing high when higher around
Nothing big when bigger casts
Nothing great when greater drawn

This ultimate seems far to reach
When short fingers can only preach
Under the trees alone prairie
Wonder this tale ever fairy

A restless heart follows the soul
In which all hopes are being kept
A piece of smile in broken bowl
For it's only thing to pay all debt

Like Being Cursed

Burning skins look for healing
Torn them apart so hard so mean
Running to hill brings to acheing
As blood in flesh begins to rinse

From dawn when it covers the eyes
To dusk when shillouette around the air
The coming and going are throw of dice
For nothing is thought as fair

Here comes the stone
Cracking the empty inside the bone
There comes the pain and agony
The further go the harder try

Across all borders crazily wildly
No forgiveness to those which mess
Along some rocks that are truly
As to welcome to wilderness

Time After Time After

Think of any scratch of life
To be high and to be low
What destiny names is weird
For sometimes makes up side and down

Hold things never being real, as let go ones everafter being true
Life like boy with all his toys
Wound and scar the song to sing
Just as joy and laughter would ever seem


Empty street that I'm missing
Defeated by things I'm insisting
Shiny river I used to play
Long time enough I threw away

Chills but peaceful by hilly paths
Felt like centuries to be apart
Beats of leaves swaying the green
Kept me wandering how far I grieved

I'm going home with simple hope
That singing birds provide the dope
I'm going home with simple hope
May hands remain to give me rope