Friday, January 27, 2012

Awan berarak pagi itu

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Dari arah Utara melangkah diterpa angin fajar
ketika lambaian dahan memanggil untuk mendekat
semakin mendekat ke cakrawala Selatan
segumpal awan tebal bergulung mengerikan

Inikah pagi yang kuharapkan?
jelasnya, mentari belum jua menyapa
kiranya ia sembunyi di balik gumpalan awan yang lain
ia seperti kedinginan seperti aku yang menggigil karena angin itu

Langkah malas harus ditempuh
atau cakrawala takkan terengkuh
terdorong tiupan yang makin kencang
kakipun bergetar berusaha tegar dan tak gentar

(Semarang, 24 Jan. 2012)

Bubble & Freedom

Neda Darzi (Photo credit: Masoud Soheili)
Guest poems: Neda Darzi


Journey journey, a dream a mirage
A familiarity a separation
To be not to be, coming going, where to?
Floated the bubbles, any one to anywhere:
One to the north of the jungles
One to the south of the deserts
One to the east, one to the west
Light, liquid, limpid and discerning bubbles
Each one is a story, a pearl of secrets
Is there any ability to say?
Is there any hope to return?
One was attempted to the sea, one was joint to the melody of dew
One was burst by a jay

And one was returned as a clear mirror


I was living in my own loneliness' desert
The sudden melody of the wind whispered smoothly:
Be flow, be free
To an ambiguous place, preplanned and bewildered,
Lost in space and place
The honored palms, a green root woods in the sea,
Eye veiled woman, blinds for beauties
It was a dream or reality?
Mercy, pity, peace and love unified us
We get together and revolted
Now we whisper to the wind:

Be flow, be free