Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Whosoever Soul-mate Will Be (anonymous)

From an awkward hello
that turns into a soulful conversation

we talked about our lives
arguing our thoughts
sharing our deepest fear

and then the hearts ask a simple question :
"what does this person mean to me?"
but our hearts never spoken it outloud
(that question) just remained as soliloquy

we're both convinced with this beautiful uncertainty
maybe we've been searching for each other all this time
we walked to follow our dreams
to pursue our Way of Life
our paths have never crossed
until such remarkable coincidence happened

I'm here not to fulfil the empty space in your heart
you're here not to complete my life
but we're to help each other to embrace this Life
that's why we are willing to make our Vow today
a Vow that will last

From SWW With Love...To Hening yang indah itu :)