Monday, September 15, 2008

Waiting For Glory Days

I'm looking for those days
When grasses and stones were marching on
Birds and insects to sing their praise
To me it always be

Fell like depart from real thing
To neverland foll of cherishes
In fact, I was dreaming
And wandering I were a king

Big Aim Takes Long

You refuse when the bell tolls
You disbelieve in anything
Like a house with spider webs
That is the pose of complicated mind

Don't take further if that is hurt
Don't place your faith when hesitate
All belongings are not possessions
If one cannot drive the passion

Hear the voice, the voice remains
While the silence colors your days
Beware of thoughts of the wisdoms
For all the pictures will slowly fade

A buck of flowers like bottles of wine
Both capable of get you drunk
Once this signal begins to break
There won't be place for to morrow