Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Burnt, but Steel

it's gonna take hundreds of degrees at Fahrenheit readings
to collectively melt a structure made from heterogeneous matters
since iron, lead, copper, aluminum, bronze, gold, and silver
are different in melting points, chemically saying
but it's gonna take only seconds to break them down chaotically
the matters stronger may stand still, the weaker ones shall be taken down
the stronger ones shall be affected to some degrees
as they're basically a structure makers

of pluses and minuses of this colorful bound
they should have been blessed by its beholders
it's never easy to make the right, desired combination
it's, nevertheless, never easy to let it go down

the steel they are called eventually
where the very best efforts should be made to decompose them
as hard as the founders made any of those raw materials into one for generations
a more than head of stone to have it sustainable for lives
even when one generation leaves it behind
it will survive and welcome the other
it will keep the promise eventhough it's behind all lies

(Semarang, February 7th, 2012)