Thursday, January 26, 2012

When it comes January

IIn the West is around the Winter
or after Christmas holidays
in the East some say
it will rain almost everyday
at the beginning of the year
all are hoping for brand new starts
through fires and ices
the whole year that has been past

It is for the sake of the old times
the January song is sung
after having all sweets and sours
the morning sun is greet by great expectations
it is like no other day to come
or to be better
than the first second
of the new year

I, you and everybody make a resolution
for better things
we all enjoy the last night
yet eventually the first one
and it will always be like that one in a year,
not once in a life time

The new day has begun but
will surely leave us memories
in whather they take
when another day begins to welcome us
as the world keeps turning around
and as the clock goes back to the zero start
only hoping the new thing which is surprising
though predetermined and predicted

(Semarang, 24.01.2012)