Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silence the Noise

In the crowds of hundreds commuters
mind was busy thinking
what for it's being there
where ears  continued going banged
by the shouts of decibels

At the corner of the sidewalks
down the Metro of ambushes
to blow your nerves
still the will couldn't give in the wheels

Justice in the loaded barrels
it's what being applied when you're on the street
as you're on your own
there'll be no one but you
to step aside the bumpy roads

As the crowds went nasty and mean
it's on your feet how the walk be made
just like in your vessels where the blood be flown

(Kucingan Mas Roni, Jl. Hayamwuruk Pleburan, Semarang, 27 Pebruari 2011)