Friday, October 17, 2008

The True Thing of You

The true thing about true love is when you have no fear of losing the one whom your love give to. It is crystal different from the love you bring with passion of possession. True love will not leave you even when your existence meets the worst history. It becomes an inner power, which lies within your heart everafter.

The one who asks you for a true love asks no more than your attention, care, and nick of time to think about. Sharing each other with no prejudice and hidden desire. Only sacrifice of minutes of hours of your years of life in this world.

It is very difficult to show how true our love is when the relationship is between a boy and a girl. Things get complicated once our possessiveness plays role, no matter inferior it does.

Can we be through our story, sweetheart? When I feel very sure that I can do that, you must also be able to say so. Can we break the myth that thinks that there cannever be a true love in the relationship between boys and girls? Will we give up on such shallow thinking?

Up to the present, actually I am still scared that you someday will judge me as being possessive. However, please believe me from and to the heart, I am not kind of that guy. You are to good to be possessed, you are to perfect to be hurt. I need you to be with me as long as possible as my best friend, to be the queen of my hart, as my sister, my advisor, and my guardian angel.

Honey, you are so beautiful, both your heart and your look. If I only I could, I am ready to sacrifice my all to you. But, I think it is inhumane and overacting. I prefer being normal who lives in ordinary world.

I am lucky to have you. In fact, there is still someone who walks, acts, talks, and does naturally in the world of so called modernization (huh! dunia makin kacau ya?). You have brought back the blue mountain, the singing birds, the sunrise, the droplets on green leaves.

You have lighted up my life with your shine....then live forever, everlasting like the sun.