Monday, January 23, 2012

Sundown at Midnight

Performed by: Fariz Roestam Moenaf

The morning I left for Jakarta
There's not much words
That we could have say
Maybe it simple and we understand it
This could be the end of our days

Somehow we don't have our secrets
That we have to keep it private inside
Just an old memories
And became our stories
Please tell me if I did make it right

And I knew ... It sundown at midnight
The time when you wave me goodbye
It couldn't be right
I don't have to lie girl
Something between us
Close to be true i knew
It sundown in my heart

Walkin' myself to the airplane gate
I can not see your face
But I know you're there
I can feel my heartbeat
Down through your heart
It's like blaming me for doin' unfair

Missing you ... It sundown at midnight
I know how hard I should try
Can you tell me why ...
You left me the romance
Now that you know ...
I couldn't forget you

It sundown in my heart
Midnight in your heart
Sundown in your heart
Midnight in mine

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