Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mom, the Ultimate Savior

your hand is always in mine
your whispered endearments are my constant companion
you have never turned your face from me
no matter how many times i have turned from you

now I vow undying love
I meet you in secret places I used to hide from you in
I hold you with tenderness I used to reserve for my pain
I would give you my life and my breath in an instant

for you are my true love
the one with no form
the one who has never been anywhere, but right here
in the singing of my heart

no poem
no song
no ritual
captures the simple beingness of a stone
let alone a mountain of stone

but let the stone write the poem
let the mountain sing in your heart
let the rituals fall like gentle rain to nourish the gods
inside every stone
and every mountain
let your soul rise above the mountain
above the rain
above the clouds
the journey home requires no effort
only willingness to release your claw like grip
on the familiar ground

then the stone speaks unspeakable truth
then the mountain fills your heart with a silent song
of peace
and rituals sprout wings of surrender in your soul
and you arrive

your smile
morning sun on new fallen snow
melting the icy chill
unveiling a blue shappire flame in my heart
burning memory into ash
revealing bliss

your eyes
dark liquid pools of grace
causing a whirlpool of emotion
carrying me to the depths
drowning me in joy

your touch
gentlest breeze
passing through skin and flesh and bone
healing so complete
leaving no scars
where once were deep wounds

your form
graceful flight in empty sky
giving me birth
naming me
ruling me forever
yet your only command: setting me free

your voice
birdsong and distant thunder
inspiring quiet so vast
thinking no longer finds refuge

your love
a rain swollen river
overflowing its banks
washing away all cherished possessions
leaving an empty cup
full of peace

Tiyo thanks to Daniel "Nirmala" Erway (1999) for the poems.

Untuk Bundaku, my whole life, blood, flesh, and bone... (July 5th, 1942 - March 4th, 2010)