Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Army of Rose

She wore a red armband written with "NAISEODIN". When I asked her what it meant, she threw me a little smile. Her face was covered by dust and dirt of the day. "Why don't you wash your face?", I asked. She answered, "If I put the water for myself, then they won't have any."

Still, no idea came and I kept wandering the name of her armband. She look too young to carry such dirts. I asked again, "Your skin will get darker if keep sun bathing, lady". "Aw, will I? Then, what's wrong with that?". I lost my word, like being upper cut by a lucky blow, even, more embarrassing, a low blow. I truly had no word to argue.

She tightened the red armband, fastened the grip around a wooden-made rod I didn't know what it was for.

"Join me, will you? Or, you can squirt all your orgasms with them," her left point finger directed to a school of sexy, busty, skinny, lovable, and beautiful looks carrying blackberries with their smooth, white fingers. "Don't they turn you on, buddy?," she confirmed. I kept silent before answering, "Yes, they do. They're f***able c****s". "Ah, creatures with balls, hahaha!" She laughed. I left her, entered lavatory to take a pee, and got in my room. I then composed any word written on that dirty young lady. "I found it!" I shouted and ran after her. "Hey, is it really what you think?" "What?" "...the armband? Why have you made me rearranged it like a mad guy?" "Well, not a big deal, buddy".

"One more question, so have I known what you are to do?" "Keep asking, and keep aching in your heart!" "Alright."

Four hours needed to make thing done. What? She constructed a plane. "But why does it only have one wing?" "Oh yeah? So what for have you been here for f***ing 640 minutes?" "I hope so ...ehmm I," "All you have to do is to get the thing done, and you only said 'I hope so', what??!" Then I worked so hard to replicate her doing. So complicated, so difficult. Another 640 minutes made 76800 seconds gone in so fast. "Now it is done. You may leave or you may stay," she told me.